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Proud to work with

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Our enterprise digitization projects are marked by:

fast decision-making on the front lines from professionals with broad skill sets and “get it done” mandates

analytics-ready data brought together from any source

excuse-free delivery cycles from DevOps teams who speak business and technology

direct-to-consumer focus aligned with AI-enabled sales and relationship management strategies

Data Science

Data Science lies at the heart of the products and services provided by Lingaro. We employ top experts and pioneer tools, algorithms, methodologies, techniques and best practices to reveal and leverage the full potential of your data and help you gain competitive advantage.

Cloud Solutions

The overwhelming majority of new Business Intelligence IT investments are implemented as serverless services in the cloud thanks to its fast, cost-effective project delivery capabilities and instant resource provisioning.

Lingaro DevOps

Our global 24/7 IT systems operations support model guarantees fast and cost-effective delivery of services and solutions with high success rates.

E-commerce Solutions

Whether they are individuals or businesses, a growing number of your end consumers are coming to you directly via the internet – and expect you to tailor the channel to their unique requirements and preferences. Through our dedicated subsidiary ORBA, Lingaro can help you leverage the Magento Commerce platform to master these new market realities. Reliably, flexibly, and profitably.

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Satisfied business users

“We found the Lingaro team extremely responsive and accommodating to our business needs. All of our requests for new InfoHub functionalities were implemented in due time.”

Piotr Chęć, PepsiCo International
Service Delivery Manager, Central Europe

“You […] did an outstanding job in managing the project in an agile environment with our R&D and IT, where we know WHAT we want to build, but only figure out details and HOW we need to build, as we start building. It’s great to see how the “Things” of Internet OThings materialize and come to live!”

Top 5 Consumer Goods company

“The level of Data Warehousing expertise brought by your consultants and your commitment to our projects are appreciated. I look forward to working with Lingaro again.”

Jari Suurnakki, Nokia
Enterprise Data Warehouse Manager

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